Brandon Born is a young, Canadian photographer from Cold Lake, Alberta. He started into photography in 2013 to try to capture the beauty of this world and to document his adventures. Loving travelling and danger, his early work was edgy and always had a sports theme. Not much later Brandon fell in love with landscapes. Photographers like Callum Snape, Paul Zizka and Chris Burkard inspired him to explore and photograph the beauty that is found all around us simply in nature. He quickly gained success with his landscapes and has had photographs published by National Geographic, Travel Alberta and Matador Network. His portfolio now includes photos from all around the world, having travelled to 38 states and 11 countries before turning 19. With all the travelling, still his favourite locations to shoot are close to home in Alberta. Currently at the age of 19, Brandon is residing in Norway and is exploring Europe every chance he gets. So stay tuned for many more photos from around the globe and from beautiful, Canada.

Social Media

FaceBook: /BBornPhotography

Instagram: @BrandonBorn

Snapchat: @BrandonBorn

Email: BBornPhoto@gmail.com


Internationally Published

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Based in Cold Lake, AB, Canada

Countries photographed:

Canada, Norway, Iceland, Mexico, Qatar, UAE, Greece, Sweden, Hungary, Czech, Chile and 38 States in the US.