Apologetics Blog Post 5

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February 20, 2018

Brandon Born


This week I’m really excited to talk about my interview with an acquaintance of mine, who used to be part of a scientology church in Vancouver. He didn’t want me to share his name on my blog, but has allowed me to share his thoughts and beliefs about his time there. This interview was over the phone but he told me about the 5 years in the church he experienced, and said he came to realize that as happy as the religion sounded, it was hard to follow along with the “perfect” human aspect.

I had very little knowledge of scientology before this so I asked him if scientologist believed in God or a god? Summarizing what he said, it came down to knowledge. Scientologist believe that faith is an important aspect of life as people who have faith have higher standards of life, ethics and values, but scientology does not rely on faith alone. Rather, faith and spirituality are an aspect of knowledge that is learned and taught to improve the ultimate survival of man.

To this I was very surprised. I did not realize that scientology had a faith aspect to it and that it would be such a big factor in their religion. Using facts and statistics, scientologists are able to decide and realize that people who believe in a supreme and infinite being are better off and are more likely to be a value to society. Reflecting on this now I realize that because we do rely on sola fide in many Christian circles that we need to take this faith more seriously. I remember taking a spiritual gifts test when I was younger and I ranking highest in faith and thinking it was a lame option. Today I realized that it is something I take for granted and should be more aware of in my own life.

After we chatted for a while about scientology itself, I asked him if he remembered if and how scientologists were able to reach God? Again, he spoke of knowledge, but he expanded into the infinite realm and the idea that humans are immortal and have unlimited ability. The only problem is that we don’t know how to access immortality or unlimited ability. The idea of scientology is to know how to know, and with unlimited ability we would have to the power and knowledge to extend our lives and live indefinitely and become the supreme being that would be god.

I was surprised again by the explanation, but it was cool to understand what goes on in the mind of a scientologists. After the reading in this course I feel like that it’s not necessarily wrong in practice, but misguided in a lifestyle and belief. Knowledge and science are not an enemy of Christianity, but could be used to help enforce the idea of a supreme being and if even scientologist believe that faith in a supreme being is good, then maybe that’s why God designed it that way?  

Apologetics Blog Post 4

A Change of Mind.


I’ve spent a lot of time travelling and working alone. It isn’t always easy and it was certainly harder when I was in a bad place with my faith. I remember one time when I was in Iceland, I was alone, it was raining, cold and I had just left all my friends and family for the next year and I had no idea what was coming next. I was exploring this beautiful country and seeing some of the coolest waterfalls I’ve ever witnessed. It should have been a magical time, but instead I look back at my time there with a bit of a bad taste. Without God in existence I would struggle to find the beautiful moments in my life and would find it impossible to find my meaning.

                During the next few weeks I managed to make it to my bible school and started building up my faith again. I started reading the Bible each morning again and truly praying, none of this fake stuff I did for my parents and pastors at home. It was a crazy transformation that caught me off guard. I first saw it in my photography. I had been on a cold streak for big hits for several months. I couldn’t find inspiration anywhere and I had been in plenty of beautiful places recently. Alaska, Iceland, Banff, and now Norway.

Even with all the travel I couldn’t find inspiration, but on week 4 of my bible school it started coming back. All of the sudden I was able to find shots that not only made me happy, but also inspired those who saw them. I changed my whole view on photography, instead of trying to be famous and get on the cover of every magazine I decided I wanted my photography to inspire people to go outside and explore God’s creation. Once I had that mindset shift everything changed. My work travelled more than it every had in my life and It was amazing to see the reaction from my audience. I felt like God had affirmed my gift and I was excited to travel down this road with him.

If God didn’t exist there would be a loss of purpose in my life. I look at my life now and compare it to a few years ago and I can see that if God wasn’t there, then I wouldn’t be able to enjoy my life. I would be looking for earthly pleasures and focusing on myself, but God has left us the word to read, and a beautiful world to explore. He wants a relationship with us and if we let Him, He can show us this world in a whole new light.