Apologetics Blog Post 10

Blog Post 10

Brandon Born

April 5, 2018



When it comes to the authenticity of the Bible, we usually go straight to the fact that we do not have the original manuscripts for either the Old, or the New Testament. While this is most likely true, the Bible is the most copied down and backed up source of any writings of the time. There are countless pieces that have been found that agree with what is written down in the bible during that time. Many scholars believe, without doubt that the Bible is one of the most important and trustworthy, historical texts. The issue comes in with inerrancy, verses infallibility. With the Bible having been written 2000 years ago, how can we still trust and believe in such a dated document?

                Many denominations believe that the Bible is inerrant, directly written by God and without fault. This is a topic of contention between church and historical scholars. The problem here is that we have no proof that the Bible was written by a divine being and have no way to ever prove it. What we do have is human authors and a timeline of when many of the books are written. To say the Bible is inerrant is a big argument seeing that we don’t even have the original texts, nor can we trust human inerrancy to translate the bible over and over again over 2000 years.

                Instead of saying the Bible is Inerrant we can say that it is Infallible and God inspired. 2 Timothy says that "All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness." This means, in general, that the bible is true and trustworthy in all that it says. It does not claim that the Bible, in how we read it today, exactly as it was written originally, but it sees that the message is important and true. We look at this infallible idea with the fact that the Bible was written by humans, who were inspired by God to write these texts. These authors themselves may have also been prone to mistakes but the message was inspired and therefor true and trustworthy for us to read.

                The Bible, for me, is an important text that truly helps run a lot of m life. I wouldn’t let a book be so important if I didn’t believe in the message. I believe that there are so many people who are studying the bible and its authenticity that if something important hasn’t been found yet, then I think all the arguments for the bible still stand. I believe that the bible does have mis translations and possible grammatical errors throughout it, but I believe that the original message is still visible in our translations today.