Apologetics Blog Post 7

Blog post 7 for Apologetics

Brandon Born

 March 11, 2018


Missing Spanish boy Gabriel Cruz found dead in car


On February 27th, Gabriel was last seen going to a playdate with a friend, but never made it and never returned. The eight-year-old boy was then put onto a missing persons list and searched for by over 4,000 people. A social media campaign was started, and the boy was later found the trunk of his father’s partners car, dead. This unfortunate incident struck a lot of people and hurt the family. It’s really hard to see why these things happen. Why is there so much evil and how come it happens to good and innocent people? Evil is something hard to grasp, but it’s there for a reason.

                Evil has always existed, it’s been there since the beginning, but we allowed it to corrupt our lives when we brought sin into the world. Now it’s something that affects our day to day life. We live with it and we see it all around us, but we also see the opposite, good. Everyone seems to have an awareness of what is good and evil, it’s in our nature. Even atheist seem to understand that there is good and evil, but if they don’t believe in God, then they are trusting that morality is based on each person. Only, each person has a subjective choice and biases. There must be an absolute and God is that absolute.

                When I see stories like this I find it very difficult to see what good can come out of it. You hear of the stories where someone’s death has inspired thousands, but the stories that come out week after week can just break your heart. This boy is now dead and his family is devastated by it.  Personally, I do believe in evil, it’s something I feel like I have witnessed and experienced, but I can’t say that I truly believe it has a good purpose in this world. Reading this chapter has helped me understand it more, but I will still struggle with seeing innocent people hurt.

                Evil exist so that we can learn to understand what happens after death. We don’t understand hell, but we also do not understand heaven. We only get a taste of each here on earth, but I’m sure you can understand from your own life where you want to end up. So even though we see evil all around us, we can see this as a sign that God exist. Even more so, when forgiveness happens and love shines through and covers evil, we can see that as a sign of the power God has in our lives. We cannot blame God for our evil. It’s our own doing, but we can learn to understand what happens in the afterlife from good and evil.