Winter Break

What a wonderful week spent out at the farm. Seven of us from the school went on a little road trip this last week to Andalsnes. YWAM Aalesund has a little farmhouse out there that we were able to stay in and man was it ever refreshing. Right below the Trollvegen mountains and near some of the most beautiful spots in Norway, this place was perfect to spend a few days at.

Our first adventure out at the farm was to this little viewpoint above Andalsnes. It was raining, the path was soaked and covered in ice, but this little shelter had firewood and matches for us to start a nice little fire with to warm up at. 

So much snow fell on us while were were out at the farm, over a meter came down and that made any special hiking difficult, but that just meant that after getting a few shots it was time to go back to the cosy little mountain cabin and warm up by the fire with some hot tea in hand. Being away from WiFi out at the farm was a real blessing too as it helped us relax in each others company and enjoy games, movies, and cooking some incredible food. I think this was the best I have eaten since moving to Norway and I'm so thankful for it.

This shot comes from our hike in Verma. The path down to the bridge we wanted to see was covered in 1.5 meters of snow, but instead of turning back we trudged on, half swimming in snow! I wish i had more pictures of the really deep sections of the trail, but i was in charge of blazing the trail and after pushing show for an hour and a bit I was pretty exhausted.

This here is the KyllingBru or Chicken Bridge in English.  This was such a wonderful surprise to find after walking around almost aimlessly in the chest deep snow.

All in all it was simply one of the best weeks i've had since being here in Norway, and even though the crap ton of snow that fell ruined a few of our plans it still made for some awesome memories. I certainly can't wait to go back in may and explore a few of these locations again, but it the warms instead of snow.