Prep for Chile

Well it’s Tuesday morning right now and I’m waiting to leave for my flight to Chile to start. So much has happened in the last few days, it crazy to think back on. Last Friday was kind of the start to our freedom for outreach, it was a beautiful day, and we were stuck inside cleaning. The sun was shining and spirits were high. This was the start to the beginning of the goodbyes/packing/planning. Unfortunately my team is one of the last teams to leave so it’s been a lot of sitting around, pondering life and realizing that the base is really actually quite nice when there’s fewer people here and it’s quiet.

Friday night we finally got out to do some steel wool shots and man it was fun! Sparks flying everywhere, setting grass and roofs on fire. Made for quiet an interesting night, but at least nothing was burned too majorly. This shot is really thanks to my buddy Sean, who brought the steel wool all the way over from America just so we could get some cool shots like this!

There’s something about finally getting up the tallest mountain around Aalesund that really helps tie things together. On Saturday morning, which was supposed to be cold and rainy, Adri and I left to go hike Sula, finally! We started the hike around 11am with a few drizzles but nothing major, then after maybe 30 minutes it completely cleared up and the sun came out to bring the mountain to life! It was actually one of the most beautiful days yet. 

As we walked we saw a whole bunch of skiers hiking up the mountain so that they could ski down, and I think basically the entire time the two of us were just dreaming of being able to cruise down the mountain after we reached the top. Reaching the top was just great, looking down on Aalesund one last time, over top of the clouds, it was just perfect. 

Adri looking Aalesund from 776 meters above sea level.

Snacks at the summit.

Oy, Sunday was definitely the kitchen day for me, from the moment that I woke up till after 6pm I was in the kitchen almost the entire time. In all honesty it wasn’t such a bad thing, it was relaxing and I enjoying just spending time with the food and who ever might end in the kitchen with me from time to time. This afternoon was a tough one, the first team left for outreach, which meant that the family was starting to split up. Team Taiwan was the first to leave and it was a bit bittersweet to say goodbye to them, but at least we all knew it was a grand adventure they were about to embark on. 

That evening was spent cooking and eating junk food, trying to get rid of any leftovers we had before disappeared for outreach…. Then at around 9pm the sky exploded! The northern lights came out in this insane storm. Colors everywhere, dancing pillars from north to south. It was such an insane night filled with screaming, dancing laughing and lots of photographing. 

Model Status ;)

Monday felt a bit like the last day. The base was quiet after 2 more teams leaving that morning and almost everybody felt a little lost. Nothing much happened, a few of us went into town, last second shopping went down and not much else can be said. It was bit gloomy in the afternoon, but as soon as the evening came life started to pick up as a whole bunch of us piled into one tiny room and started talking the night away. It was chill and was a great way to say goodbye.


The last 4 weeks of this DTS have been such a wonderful time, so many memories were made in this short time as well as many revelations for a lot of us. It’s been trying but fun, quickly getting me exciting for my outreach to Chile, and now that it’s right here I’m not sure what to say. I’m not nervous, but I feel a little out of it. Like I can’t quite process what’s all happened and what’s about to happen. So now I’m ready to spend the next day flying south, across the equator and off to Chile!

One last Sunset from beautiful Norway. Adiós my friends!