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Brandon Born

January 17, 2018

I’ve spent a lot of time in my life chasing after what I thought would fulfill me. A lot more that I’d like to admit to be fair. When I was little hockey was my passion and I thought I was going to the NHL, same story as every other little Canadian boy. As soon as I figured out that was a long shot I started going after new sports and girls. I would spend my time fixated on trying the biggest and best new sport out there all in a feeble attempt to impress the girls in my spare time. This seemed like a great way to live life for a while, it was eudaimonistic, and so, never ending. In my high times I was out kiteboarding or wake surfing or planning the next adventure out into the woods so I could set up a highline. I experimented with every sport I could get my hands on and afford and it would be so exciting! At the end of each adventure there was always that in between time where I found it hard to convince myself that it was worth it.

In my low times I would spend my time on my phone, texting with friends and girls till the wee hours of the morning. Trying to find people who would affirm me in my juncture to be this “cool” dude who could do everything and had talents in many places. It felt great to be affirmed and I craved it more and more until it started getting me into trouble. I started getting into unhealthy relationships and it became a downhill spiral that I couldn’t get out of. I did end up finding a way out through one of these relationships, one of my girlfriends got me into photography and I quickly got hooked.

I started working full time with photography and seeing the world in a new way. It took me around the world and I ended up participating in a YWAM through it. I learned to use my skills to share God’s creation and started building my faith again. It created a new lifestyle for me and a hunger to learn more about the word, which is what brings me to Columbia Bible College today. I still struggle today, I by no means am completely free of trying to find my worth in sports. In fact, I’ve tried many more new sports since coming to British Columbia, but I feel like I have a slightly different attitude to them than what I had before.